Lucas van Tol

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  • Incredible cosplay by @volpinazzurra and @volpinprops – so amazing to see the result of your hard work! 🏹
Oh boy I hope you guys are ready for a lot of Aloy because that is what's coming down the pipeline! It feels so good to have finished it, I'm gonna be riding this high for a while
Photo by @worldofgwendana 
Bow and armor by @volpinprops 
Costume by me
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  • Are you ready to face the new threats in #HorizonZeroDawn: The Frozen Wilds tomorrow?
  • Aloy’s journey into The Frozen Wilds starts in 2 days!
  • New challenges lie ahead in the icy wilderness of The Frozen Wilds.
  • Just 4 days until you can uncover the mysteries in #HorizonZeroDawn: The Frozen Wilds!
  • Are you ready to explore a whole new area in #HorizonZeroDawn: The Frozen Wilds?
  • In 6 days you'll be able to explore the frozen borderlands of the Banuk in #HorizonZeroDawn: The Frozen Wilds!
  • Bandits beware! Repost from @qeprops ・・・
@vfirecosplay and I made a pretty good team at Anime Banzai this weekend. There wasn't a bandit in sight! #guerrillagames #horizonzerodawn #nil #cosplay #cosplayguys #aloy #cosplaygirls